Advertising and public communication

The master's program provides fundamental training in the field of public relations and advertising. It provides fundamental training in the field of Public relations and advertising. It is aimed at graduates - Bachelor or Master in "Public Relations", "Communication Management", "Journalism" and "Book Publishing" specialties of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, as well as to Bachelor and Master from other specialties of other faculties of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and other higher schools

Education form
Part time


Paid. Graduates of Journalism, Public Relations and Book Publishing at FJMC and other universities can apply for the Master's programme. Candidates with an overall grade of no lower than GOOD in their diploma of higher education are accepted for the Mast

Educational goals

Educational goals

The program offers the training of specialists coming from different scientific, research, and professional fields. The educational objectives of the Master's program are aimed at offering quality training and ensuring a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The Master's program also places special emphasis on some significant aspects of PR and advertising, as well as on their close relationships with the media and journalism. The knowledge that the future students at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication will acquire will provide them with several advantages related to mastering leading trends, technologies, tools, and strategies that are used in the scientific and professional field of Public relations. The academic disciplines offered are up-to-date and focus both on the theory and practice of the communication specialists. They are particularly suitable for future experts whose searches are aimed at obtaining and deepening knowledge and competencies in the field of advertising and public communication. This is one of the oldest active programs of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", which is characterized by deep traditions and the attraction of many lecturers from various scientific and practical fields related to Public communication and advertisement. Thus, the aim is to provide in-depth knowledge and expand the practical skills of future specialists in Public relations and advertisement.


Educational plan