In The Facility of Journalism and Mass Communications the post-graduate qualification is available since 1974. Many candidates are passing the program to raise their qualification or to overqualificate.

Applying the post-graduate qualification is able every year, without competitive examination. Candidates are entering an application (in own words) to the Dean of the FJMC to describe the area of their one year research interests. Candidates are able to choose subjects they want to study.

The approvals with determinate director of study (tutor) must create individual program, which includes 12 disciplines with 10 consulting hours. The program doesn’t require presence on lectures.

After successful passed exams, candidate is preparing a diploma paper to defend at the Civil examine committee.

Departments for post-graduate qualification in FJMC are journalism, public relations and book publishing.

Taxes for education are definite by the Rector of the university and must be paid when registering.

If the diploma paper is successfully defend, graduators from post-graduate qualification are receiving certificate with all marks and their acquire qualification.