Brand communication

Master's program: brand communication
(for those who have obtained a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Communication Management, Public Relations, Journalism and Book Publishing at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, as well as Bachelors and Masters from other faculties of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and other universities )

Duration of study: 2 semesters
Form of study: part-time
Form of admission: paid tuition - diploma of higher education (Bachelor's or Master's degree)

Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kalin Kalinov

Education form
Part time


The Master's programme is open to persons with higher education in the Bachelor's and Master's degrees who have graduated from the Communication Management, Public Relations, Journalism and Book Publishing specialities of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, as well as to Bachelor's and Master's students from other specialities of other faculties of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and other universities.
Candidates with an overall diploma grade of no lower than GOOD are accepted for study in the Master's programmes. The Master's programmes of FJMC start with a minimum number of 15 students per group.

Educational goals

Educational goals

The Master's program "Brand Communication" is interdisciplinary and covers key aspects of modern communication practice. The program is aimed at people who are interested in an in-depth study of the various aspects related to brand communication, including the creation and distribution of content in social networks, media marketing, building a brand's visual identity and its strategic management. The courses that the program includes balance practical aspects with theoretical positions in the field.

The Master's program in "Brand Communication" is aimed at graduates of the "Bachelor" or "Master" in the specialties "Communication Management", "Public Relations", "Journalism" and "Book Publishing" of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, as well as to bachelor's and master's graduates from other specialties of other faculties of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and other higher schools.

The aim of the program is to provide students with quality training in the field of brand communication by balancing theoretical and practical disciplines. Students are given the opportunity to explore in-depth various aspects of the phenomenon. This creates prerequisites for them to upgrade their existing knowledge and skills, thus making them more competitive on the labor market. An advantage of the program is that it also provides specialized practical training - through study modules and workshops led by active specialists in modern communication practice.

The curriculum includes a combination of theoretical and practical disciplines to meet the demands of today's professional communicators. A special emphasis in the program is communication with target audiences through social networks, as well as the strategic building of the brand and its visual identity. The practical disciplines are also focused on the development of "soft" skills in brand communication, including presentation, as well as on crisis brand communication and the creation of brand content with a smartphone. The skills thus acquired are valuable in the daily practice of every professional communicator.
The training takes place in two semesters and ends with a thesis defended before the State Examination Commission of the Department of "Communication and Audiovisual Production". The curriculum is balanced and there are fewer exams in the final second semester to allow students to concentrate on the development of their master's theses.

The disciplines are organized in the curriculum in a manner that enables students to gain structured knowledge of brand communication. Key concepts and techniques in building a modern brand are clarified. Students are also given opportunities for detailed analyzes of successful and unsuccessful examples of modern brand communication. Theoretical knowledge of strategic brand communication and visual identity building is included. Courses are planned that introduce brand communication in social networks, consider applicable aspects of media marketing and influencer marketing. Specialists are brought in to teach fundamentals in the field of brand communication and media.

In a large part of the courses during the 2-semester study, students implement specific practical tasks. Of particular importance for practical training is the presence of three practical modules led by specialists and aimed at building social skills, strategic communication and creating brand content. Students also have the opportunity to choose from the electives offered: Digital Content Marketing, Media Content Branding, Production Company Corporate Branding, Media Marketing and Brand Communication, Image Branding Techniques and Business Writing.

Professional and general competencies, specific competencies
The graduating students have knowledge about brand communication, about social networks and their specifics, about strategic communication positioning, about the sociological and communication dimensions of the modern brand and about the trends in the development of the field.

Graduate students can analyze examples from the practice of modern brand communication. They can build new brands in terms of communication, define their visual identity, specify the communication style of a given brand and follow guidelines for conducting effective brand communication with examples already established on the market. Among the soft skills that the master's program develops are presentation and creation of mobile content.

The end result of the training is harmonious knowledge, an integral part of which is critical competence and socially responsible practice of a wide range of skills related to brand communication, with a special focus on its implementation in social networks.

Professional development (according to the National classification of professions and positions in the Republic of Bulgaria/ international classifications and according to the position of the future specialist in the national qualification framework for high education and the European qualifications framework)
The program aims to prepare qualified specialists in the field of modern brand communication, with an emphasis on brand interactions with target audiences in social networks. The graduates in Brand Communication will be adaptable and well-rounded experts who will have the ability to design, deploy and modify brand communication strategies.

According to the National Classification of Professions and Positions in the Republic of Bulgaria (NCPD-2011), graduates will be able to secure employment as: 1330 Managers in the field of information and communication technologies, 2431 Advertising and marketing specialists, 2432 Public relations specialists, as well as other positions in the sector that meet market demand.





Educational plan

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