Students reveal the two faces of artificial intelligence in a two-cover book

Is artificial intelligence a new threat or a new opportunity for the publishing industry? Second-year book publishing students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication seek answers to this question in their book, From Manuscript to Algorithm. The publication is the creative result of the course "Educational Publishing - Master Class 1 and 2" taught by Dr. Georgi Alexandrov. Students not only act as authors but also do the editorial processing, graphic design, and prepress preparation. 
Other than students, there is another author in the book - artificial intelligence. Some texts were experimentally written using the ChatGPT language model and are separated into separate parts of the collection. In it, the reader will find a futuristic narrative and its machine-generated version, an extensive interview with artificial intelligence, and a test for recognizing original works and their digital imitations.  One of the two covers of the publication was also generated by artificial intelligence. The edition contains two bookbodies facing each other mirror image. In the other part of the book, contributions from information technology experts, publishers, and academics are presented. A survey on the impact of artificial intelligence on the book publishing industry is summarized. The students also delve into the issues of regulation of the use of artificial intelligence, endangered professions in book publishing, and copyright infringement. 
The book launch of From Manuscript to Algorithm will be held on June 6 at 6:00 p.m. in the Magna Aula of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication. Each guest at the event will receive a copy of the collection. The electronic edition is available on the faculty website.