Communication management

Професионално направление
Професионална квалификация
Bachelor of Communication Management
Форма на обучение
Продължителност на обучение
Eight semesters (240 credits)
Начин на завършване

Thesis defense



The aim of the training is to prepare highly qualified specialists in strategic management of communications (communication management) – management of communication campaigns, of certain user groups. Students acquire skills for the usage of the specifics of different digital information and communicational platforms, as well as skills to create and manage informational and media content.
The creation and distribution of media content is usually a part of the strategic priorities of firms and organizations, media corporations, state institutions, newly created companies, etc. This activity is part of the obligations of the middle and high management of firms and organizations. Specialists with the according knowledge and skills in the field of communication management are being sought for participating in the making of communication strategies, for the creation and management of information and media content. The training includes also disciplines that allow the specialists, who graduated from this specialty, to have good general knowledge and proven communicative skills that are adaptable to the specifics of communication in different social spheres.

General theoretical training

The specialty requires training on the theory and methodic of communications (media and information literacy, persuasion and social influence, strategic communications and communication management, etc.), theory and basic knowledge in the field of general and specialized law, economics and finances, theory and methodic of different fields of information and media sciences (communication design, content management and copywriting, etc.).

Specialized training

The study disciplines prepare the future communication manager in the context of the world trends for the creation of information, audio and visual products, and media content, for work in the digital medium, for improving digital and informational literacy, for the creation of communication strategies, work with facts and data in a digital medium, image creation, etc.


Students will obtain specialized and systematic knowledge of media and communications, management and financing of communication campaigns, of critical analysis in the field of public communications and information sciences.

Professional competencies

Students will obtain the skills of a communication manager: skills to create communication strategies; to be flexible in decision-making processes in a dynamic and complex communication medium; to cope with the speed and volume of the information streams; to be able to use big data and algorithms for communication; to communicate and balance managing processes. They will have the competency to work in teams that took managerial decisions; they will be able to manage content and profiles in social networks. They will have basic economic and legal knowledge of the creation and management of information and will be able to create informational and media content as well as analyze the sociological data for the media market, etc.


Educational goals

The educational service provided through this specialty is accordant to a number of international documents and qualifications (e.g. the International Standard Classification of Educations – Fields of education and training, ISCED F-2013). This guaranteed its effectivity when it comes to its educational goals and professional development.
According to the National Qualification Framework of Republic of Bulgaria the specialty belongs to the Educational and Qualification sub-level 6B. Bachelor, which corresponds to the First Cycle in the Qualification Degree of the European Higher Education Area.



Communication Management is a specialty that gives to the Bachelor degree students knowledge and skills in the field of communications, journalism, audio and visual media. The students study also economics in the field of management of organizations, which create informational and media content. The students study also law and copyright in the field of creation and distribution of information; public communications and information sciences considering the particularities of the audience and of the content users. The aim is to respond to the needs of the new market environment of labor that characterizes with a reinforced diffusion of knowledge, new competencies and the announcement of new working positions. The quick development of communication technologies and the merging of different industries (media, audio and visual industry, digital and mobile communications) lead to market development and new in their nature requirements toward the announced working positions on the market.


Professional development

Positions that could be taken by the graduating specialists are communication specialists; strategic communications managers; political and international communications managers; leading positions in the content creation business; creators of data and metadata bases and informational platforms; consultants on communication policies and strategies; experts on communication planning. The Bachelor of communication management is prepared for development in the middle and high levels of communication and content management in different organizations.
Bachelors, who graduated from this specialty, could develop their education in the Educational and Qualification degree “Master” at universities in Bulgaria and abroad.

Educational plan