Journalism and media

Education form
Part time


Paid tuition - higher education diploma (Bachelor's or Master's degree)


Bachelors or Masters graduates from other faculties of Sofia University "St. Students can apply to other universities of Sofia University or other universities.
Candidates with an overall grade in the diploma of completed higher education not lower than GOOD are accepted for studies in the Master's programmes of the Faculty. The Master's programmes of FJMC start with a minimum number of 15 students per group.

Educational goals

Educational goals

Educational objectives

The program is designed for candidates who have completed a bachelor's degree but not in the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication and wish to obtain a master's degree in journalism. It is aimed at people who have a desire to realize themselves as professional journalists,media experts and well-prepared professionals in the challenges of the new times. The programme therefore aims to provide a basic knowledge of journalism and the media, which is enriched by more specialised subjects and specific disciplines from the relevant media profiles (press, agency journalism, radio, television). The aim is that, once the students have a major in another subject, the Master's program will provide them with theoretical and practical knowledge at a contemporary level in the field of journalism and media, which could support their further professional and scientific realization in this field.

The program includes, first of all, disciplines that introduce the profession and are the basis of work in any media - such as the history of Bulgarian journalism, the theory of journalism and media, journalistic deontology, media management and media marketing communications. Another group of disciplines provide

knowledge and professional skills for writing about international, cultural, economic and domestic political issues. The acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the program goes hand in hand with the acquisition of practical journalistic skills. Courses are offered as well as practical classes related to media specifics - such as graphic design, radio and television programming, editing, TV and radio genres, online journalism. This will create highly qualified media professionals with specialised basic training and specific modern media skills who can find a broad-based career in the dynamic media market.

Students of this Master's program complete the course of study with the defence of a thesis (Master's thesis) before a state examination committee.

Educational plan

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