Production and creative industry

For those who have obtained a Bachelor's or Master's degree at FJMC, as well as for those who have graduated in Journalism, Public Relations and Directing from other universities.

Education form
Part time


Graduates of the Bachelor's Degree in Production and Creative Industry at the St. Kliment Ohridski, as well as graduates of the Journalism, Public Relations and Directing programs at other universities in the country.

Candidates with an overall grade of no lower than GOOD in their diploma of higher education are accepted for study in the Master's programmes of FJMC. The Master's programs of FJMC start with a minimum number of 15 students per group.

Educational goals

Educational goals

The MA in Production and Creative Industry (for professionals) covers key aspects in two important areas of public communication - production and the creative industry. The dynamically evolving audio-visual market demands strong competitiveness. In this respect, the participants of the program will gain specialised knowledge of media production, event organisation and PR campaigns, as well as the specifics of the creative industry. The acquisition of such specialized competence is a solid foundation and an advantage for good positions in commercial relations and on the labour market in the field of audiovisual production.

The subjects included in the curriculum of the Master's program are focused in several interdisciplinary areas - they cover the main stages of the realization of the products of the creative industry: from the idea through the business models, the characteristics of all structural and technological units, regulation and copyright to distribution. The theoretical disciplines deal with the specificities and different aspects of public communication. Profiled information is also included in relation to the specificities of different media. Specific training is aimed at acquiring instrumental skills in the production of information and entertainment radio and TV formats and socially significant events, as well as specific skills in image techniques, budgeting, and the creation of multimedia projects.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to understand the essential characteristics of the public communication system and the creative industry; to distinguish the specific features of the media; to recognize corporate and managerial policies, processes and decisions, the stages of production and the mechanisms of regulation of the creative industry; to identify the mechanisms of functioning of the public communication system and the trends of its development in the conditions of modern information technologies and the processes of globalization.

Graduates of the Master's program "Production and Creative Industry" can have carriers as authors, editors and producers in press, radio, television, online media, book publishing. They will also have the necessary knowledge and skills to organise events and PR campaigns. The disciplines of the curriculum create the necessary foundation for the competitiveness of the MA in Creative Industries.

Students of this Master's programme complete the course of study with the defence of a thesis (Master's thesis) before a state examination committee.


Educational plan

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