The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of the Faculty. It consists of all professors, associate professors and assistant professors who work under a basic employment relationship with the University, as well as representatives of students, postgraduate students and employees. The General Assembly elects the chairman and vice-chairman of the General Assembly; elects and dismisses the Dean of the Faculty; determines the numerical composition of the Faculty Council; elects the chairman, vice-chairman and members of the Appraisal Committee; elects and dismisses the members of the Faculty Council; adopts and amends, if necessary, by a majority of more than half of its members, the regulations on the structure and activities of the Faculty; determines the main guidelines for the activities of the Faculty; adopts reports on the activities of the Dean and the Faculty Council; decides on matters relating to the activities of the Faculty.

Chairman of the General Assembly
Prof. Dr. Efrem Efremov

Deputy Chairman of the General Assembly
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetlana Stankova

Reports from the General Assembly