Digital media and communication (in english)

The program aims to train skilled professionals to respond to the urgent need on the labor market for professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies in digital media and communications, which will grow globally.
The program provides students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and professional skills in contemporary journalism and digital media, audiovisual communications, public relations, digital marketing communications, and advertising.
It offers the following specialization options: the Digital Media profile, the PR in the Digital Age profile, and the Digital Advertising and Marketing profile.
The program is designed to provide training and qualification in response to the urgent need in the labor market for professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies in digital media and communications.

Брой семестри


You can study full–time or part-time for one year and half (three semesters). Professional qualification: Master of Digital Media and Communication. MASTER’S PROGRAM CIRRICULUM can be read here:


The taught course takes place within the University’s two 15-week semesters and involves lectures, seminars, tutorials and case-study work. Students must successfully defend their Master’s thesis before the MA degree will be granted.

The fees are paid directly to the School’s bank account, in three installments, at the beginning of each semester.

Admission requirements
A Bachelor or Master degree.
The program is designed for students graduated in professional field Public communication and information sciences; Sociology, anthropology and cultural sciences; Political and Social Sciences; Law; Administration and management; Economics; Philology; Philosophy. All teaching, course materials, and coursework will be in English.

Educational goals

Образователни цели

The Master's Program provides the necessary professional qualification for the following industries: online media, digital web sites of the traditional media - print, radio, television, digital media companies, PR and advertising agencies, PR and advertising departments of corporations and institutions, marketing departments of various businesses, digital agencies.

Educational plan

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