Virtual Training Course | Summer 2022

The Institute for Global Analytics is pleased to partner with CRDF Global to deliver a free virtual training course to equip you with the skills for countering disinformation targeting international nonproliferation norms.
This virtual training course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of state-sponsored disinformation campaigns and the skills to identify and counter the spread of false narratives on topics related to WMD. Experts in disinformation, open-source research, audience analysis, and WMD will deliver presentations on topics including:

glThe role of disinformation in states' geopolitical strategies
• The specific and heightened risk of WMD-focused disinformation
• Strategies for reporting on WMD-relevant events and disinformation
• Best practices for engaging policymakers and experts in the aftermath of a WMD crisis
• Open-source research methods to identify parties responsible for spreading WMD-related disinformation
• Tools for conducting audience analysis

The training course will consist of two parts:

1. Recorded expert presentations will be available on a custom online platform hosted by CRDF Global
2. A live webinar at the end will allow participants to ask questions and engage directly with the experts

Please register by July 15, 2022

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